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Pick a Starting Point
Choose your favorite object in a room, whether it's an antique armoire or a bay window. Make it the centrepiece and decorate around it. Let your favorite object suggest the colour palette for the entire room.

Colour Flow
Create a unifying flow of colours throughout your house by using the same colours in varying roles in your rooms. If you've used lemon yellow on the wall of the kitchen, use the same lemon yellow as an accent colour in the adjoining family room.

Use Varying Shades
Don't match carpet colour exactly with wall paint or upholstery; the room will appear too rigid. Instead choose a darker or lighter shade to create variation and definition.

Accentuate the Positive, Conceal the Negative
Highlight the items that you love in a room, whether it be a favourite mantlepiece to a beloved lamp. Hide the things you don't like but can't change. Put carpet over horrible tiles or curtains over an unattractive window.